Opening May 5, 2012

in Bryn Mawr's Municipal Lot 7

Lancaster Ave at Morris Ave

Between Ludington Library and the Bryn Mawr Train Station

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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Farmers' Market Grows in Bryn Mawr

Welcome to the Bryn Mawr Farmers' Market! Upcoming information, particularly the Opening Date and fun extras and activities to take place on that date will be posted shortly. With the cold early spring weather the readiness of the first crops is a bit unpredictable. Farm to City has been hard at work seeking the best locally-grown farm produce for Bryn Mawr and we hope you will be thrilled with the offerings that will be available soon.

Our gratitude list to a few special community members whose assistance and support have been invaluable:

Commissioner Scott Zelov
Bob Pierson and Joanna Pernick, Farm to City
Bryn Mawr Film Institue
Susan Arizini, owner, Via Bellisima
Jerry Berenson, Bryn Mawr College
David Broida, Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts
Vincent DiCioccio, Bryn Mawr Partnership
Andrea Gilbert, Bryn Mawr Hospital
Anna Lehr, student, Bryn Mawr College
Ken Sherman, Sherman Brothers Shoes
Mike Weilbacher, Lower Merion Conservancy
Hank Wilson, Bryn Mawr Civic Association
Carla Zambelli, Save Ardmore Coalition

Thank you to the many other volunteers and supporters who have been a part of this initiative to make farm-fresh, locally grown produce available to our families and our community.

Molly Terlevich & Laura Shell


  1. I can't wait! What a wonderful thing this is going to be for the community.

  2. I can't wait! The "other one" is TOO expensive!

  3. Congratulations to getting this worthwhile project off the ground - a tremendous task in a township full of rules and regulations that can drive any merchant or volunteer crazy!

  4. The Kaier family are very excited about the farm market We wish it great success!!! We will be there throughout the summer!

  5. Hey Netchen, be sure to come to Guppys Coffee, as I will make a point of opening on Saturdays. It's cool that Bryn Mawr will have a MarketDay!

  6. I was so disappointed in the opening - most stands looked sold out by 11:30 - dogs everywhere - who wants dogs where you buy food? No Toy Cow or Pequea Valley yogurt from the buying clubs. Hopefully next week they will better plan quantities and post NO DOG signs as this could be a very successful market.

  7. Wow, I had just the opposite impression. I thought it was a great opening day and was impressed that so many people showed up.I was happy that the farmers were able to sell so much.Hopefully they will come with even more next week. The dogs didn't bother me at all.

  8. As i reflect on my amazing and healthy dinner tonight, I can not believe that anyone could have a complaint about the extraordinary thing that happened on the Main Line today. PA Farm fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and baked goods available during the will clearly grow in terms of vendors and patrons, and it is a great option for those of us that want good organic and fresh food...if you are focused on dogs, the supermarkets don't permit them, so go there. Otherwise, this is the most exciting answer to the problems we face with the Western diet...embrace it.