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Friday, August 12, 2011

Top of the mountain...

Veggies are at the peak of the season now with the ultimate in taste and variety - come see the abundance this weekend for yourself! For example, one of our original stalwart farmers has the following to offer you: basil, green beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, rainbow chard, collards, sweet corn, cucumuber, eggplant, garlic, kale, leeks, lettuce (several species), sweet onions, green peppers, red and Yukon Gold potatoes, baby arugula, spring mix, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, and more.

Bud Wimer's adds, "The variety of corn that is in season right now is a bicolor variety known as Providence which is known for its superb eating quality... In the 'olden days' one needed to eat or freeze corn very soon after picking to have the best sweet taste. Not so with some of the new varieties. We have had corn days after picking that still had great flavor." We can attest to this enduring quality of produce as we do our weekly shopping at the market and finish our last purchases on Friday evenings before shopping at the market each Saturday morning.

On that note, we adore corn salad which doesnt even require a recipe, its a mish mash of veggies and beans and citrus fruit flavor, even the herbs may be swapped out for whatever you happen to have in your garden or purchased from BMFM.

Here's a sample mix or two: always start with a large bowl adding few freshly cooked ears of BMFM corn and cooked beans {canned is fine} such as black beans or kidney beans or both. Add a few tablespoons of your favorite citrus fruit juice such as a lime squeezed into the bowl and perhaps embellish with a tsp of your favorite vinegar, ideally a mild vinegar so as not to overpower the salad, such as rice wine vinegar. Mix in any additional veggies and olive oil to taste, usually at least 1/4 cup EVO. We like to mix halved cherry tomatoes and chopped red peppers and basil. Some of our friends and BMFM customers prefer to add tons of oregano and goat cheese crumbled to the veggies. Serve over a bed of baby arugula for a speedy meal. Add Wayne's chicken on the grill from the BMFM and your protein lovers will be satisfied too! For vegetarians mixing in cooked brown rice will make the bean+rice complete protein without animal protein.

PS our little farmers market helpers recommend you also consider some BMFM yogurt topped with BMFM honey for dessert - and one little market shopper notes the honey in honey comb is especially delectable and fun to eat.


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