Opening May 5, 2012

in Bryn Mawr's Municipal Lot 7

Lancaster Ave at Morris Ave

Between Ludington Library and the Bryn Mawr Train Station

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bryn Mawr Farmers Market Summer News

Our farmers will be supplying local produce and products ranging from fresh chickens to specialty honey throughout the season.  Summer hours are 9am - 1pm every Saturday.  Weekly vendors and special guest visitors will be posted on our FaceBook page.  Visit FaceBook for up to the minute news!


  1. I make organic homegrown oregano and I would like to sell it. Can I sign up to have a mini stand??

  2. I guess home made products would sell well...
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  3. How about a Map Link at the top of the page so people who haven't been there before can click on a link to a map of your location?