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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking about Turkeys (and Honey, Apples and More)

Yep we're already thinking about Thanksgiving, and our Thanksgiving meal in particular. Have you considered "going local" this year? Canter Hill Farm is taking orders now for their locally-raised, free-range turkeys for your holiday table. Stop by their booth this Saturday to order a turkey, and you can also pick-up information on their winter CSA program of poultry and eggs.

Our friends from Harriton House will also be joining us Saturday, with a special table featuring produce from their farm. Yep - a working farm right here in Bryn Mawr. Check out the produce from their community garden as well as the apples from their orchard. And, if you buy a membership to Harriton House you will be given a free jar of honey from their beehive! Finally some local honey!

Be on the lookout for the pumpkins at Livengood's Produce. And Frecon Farms has been bringing us bushels of apples of different varieties. See you on Saturday and enjoy the best of the fall bounty.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! I was wondering about turkeys and I LOVE Harrition House!!!