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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Buzz about Honey ... and the Market Line-Up for 2010

As our May 8 opening date approaches we have another new farmer to tell you about - welcome Two Gander Farm, a Berks County apiary (beekeeper) and produce-grower. And our apologies for the long message here - but we want to provide you with the line-up of farmers and producers participating in the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market this year. Please do pass this message along, there are still so many people in the community who are not aware of the diversity of locally-grown and produced items available at the market.

Two Gander Farm specializes in artisan honey with four distinct varieties currently available. Their featured honey is a spring wildflower varietal produced in May and June from the pollen of black locust trees and the variety of flowers abundant in our region. Two Gander Farm also harvests a summer amber honey derived from summer blossoms - a fragrant and fruity honey that is perfect for baking. Those seeking a more robust and unusual flavor will enjoy the two types derived from the pollen of autumn-flowering plants - a fall wildflower honey and also a buckwheat honey. The heavy mineral content of these honeys is evident from their nearly-black color with subtle smokey and tangy flavors.

Two Gander also grows produce and will be bringing a bushel of spring greens on the 8th. Spinach, salad greens, spring onions, swiss chard, radishes, potatoes, and baby turnips will all be available for sale. We can't wait to sweeten our yogurt (from the Hails Family Farm of course) and smoothies with local honey from Two Gander. Those of you suffering from spring allergies may be interested to know that consuming local honey may possibly reduce your allergy symptoms - because of the local pollens that are collected by the bees. Let us know if its true!

And at long last, here is the market line-up. We are proud to announce that due to your support and patronage, we have doubled the number of vendors participating in the market! For those of you who asked for more, more, more - your wish has been granted!

AndyBConfections - Andy lives right here in Bryn Mawr and bakes cookies, pies and other desserts using local, seasonal ingredients. The Culinary Institute grad was a huge hit last year and we are so pleased he'll be back. He's also making granola for us - to go with our new yogurt and honey!

Birchrun Hills Farm - Birchrun Hills Farm is a Chester County dairy bringing a variety of award-winning cheeses to the market. Sue Miller has been farming for 20 years, and also offers delicious meat and pork products such as veal, rib chops, and sausages. Her animals are pastured and humanely-raised.

Canter Hill Farm - Malvern-based Canter Hill Farm is a poultry farm bringing us high quality chickens, eggs, and produce. If you are a soup-maker you must purchase Jeanette Grabe's homemade chicken stock - the best!

Frecon Farms - The Frecon Family has been growing fruit on their 150-acre orchard in Berks County since 1944. They will bring us a wide range of fruits, including cherries, raspberries, peaches, plums, apricots, apples and nectarines. Obviously, the fruit will be available when it is in season - no fruit flown in from Chile at this farmers market!

Green Zebra Farm - Mitch Shapiro grows a diversity of vegetables at his Glen Mills farm, specializing in heirloom tomato varieties (green zebra is a type of tomato - with green stripes!). He uses Integrated Pest Management, a multi-faceted approach to controlling pests and diseases that emphasizes sustainable methods of agriculture.

Hails Family Farm - A dairy from Wyalusing, PA, the Hails Family raises grass-fed Jersey cows and produces certified-organic, non-homogenized milk and other dairy products including yogurt and cheeses. Their milk comes in whole, lowfat and nonfat versions.

Herbal Springs Farmstand - A family farm from Lancaster County, Herbal Springs will be bringing garden annuals and perennials, herbs, vinegars, jams and baked goods. Our kids live for the whoopie pies.

John & Kira's Chocolates - Featured on the cover of Gourmet magazine, John & Kira's artisan chocolates are not to be missed. Produced in Philadelphia using a variety of local ingredients, their hand-made chcolates include flavors such as Garden Mint, Lavender Honey and Lemongrass (our favorite). John & Kira's will be with us during the cooler spring and fall months, alas they will not be at the market during the heat of summer due to the fragile nature of the chocolate.

Livengood's Family Farm - Earl Livengood and his family grow a vast variety of award-winning, certified-organic vegetables and produce on their 20 acres in Lancaster County. Earl's son Dwain raises pastured beef as well. Last year Earl brought bunches of peonies to our opening day - see the photo on the market website.

ShellBark Hollow Farm - ShellBark Hollow Farm maintains a herd of grassfed Nubian goats on three acres amid the developments in West Chester, from which they make goat cheese, yogurt and kefir. Their award-winning sharp chevre is served at restaurants in the area. Try the Honey Biscuit!

Two Gander Farm - As described above, honey, produce and eggs from Berks County.

Wild Flour Bakery - Wild Flour Bakery is an artisan bread and pastry bakery from Northeast Philadelphia. They bake baguettes and other breads, cracks and flatbreads with herbs and cheeses, croissants and additional baked goods. Their rolls are used for some of Philadelphia's finest sandwiches, including the acclaimed Rouge hamburger!

Wimer's Organics - Bud Wimer learned how to provide top quality organic produce while working for Paradise Organics, a standard-setting organic farm in Lancaster County. Since launching his own business in 2007, he has grown and provided that same top quality produce. Like Livengood's Produce, the quality and variety is simply outstanding. The vegetables from Wimer's Organics are grown at the Paradise farm and its sister farm in East Earl, PA where Bud is farm manager.

For our gluten-free friends - we are still awaiting confirmation from Amaranth Bakery but hope to hear next week that they will be joining us.

Come say hello to our farmers on Saturday, May 8th - we'll also have a complimentary moonbounce for the kids courtesy of our generous supporters, Platoon Fitness and BounceU. In addition - animal adoptions, native plants, arts & crafts, face painting, live music & more - its a real celebration as we launch the 2010 farmers market season.


  1. Great looking line up! Thanks to everyone who makes this happen.
    Does anyone have any interest in ramps?

  2. Our pleasure - and thanks for visiting the blog. Ramps - yummy. Do you grow them?

  3. I would love to have ramps. any ideas how to do?

  4. Hey there,

    I'm interested in speaking with somebody about vending at your market but didn't hear back from Pat at the email provided on the FB fan page.

    Can you please drop me a line at to discuss?

    Thanks for your time!