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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another rainy Saturday? Really?

How is it possible that we are due to have yet another rain day on Saturday? Thank you to all the supporters who made it to the market during the rain last week, as you can see from the photos the market is still fun despite the weather! We hope to see you again tomorrow, there are still so many wonderful goodies available at the market. Did you know Canter Hill Farms makes the ultimate base for soups - homemade chicken stock (stock, not broth) that simmers on the stove for FOUR DAYS? Livengood's Produce and Wimers Organics are both still offering a beautiful selection of produce. Frecon Farms is bursting with apples and pears. And of course the cheeses and meats and poultry from Shellbark Hollow, Birchrun Hills and Canter Hill are the best around. Our bakers will be back with a full line-up delicious breads and baked goods. Bring your umbrella and come see us!

The Bryn Mawr Farmers Market will remain open each Saturday through November 21, and then unfortunately we must close-up for the winter. But don't despair - Farm to City operates an extensive Winter Harvest program that allows you to enjoy locally grown and produced food all winter long. You can sign-up for the program here (after you click on the link, go to Buying Clubs, Philadelphia Winter harvest). Once you are a member, you can order once every two weeks for weekly deliveries that are picked up locally. Farm to City is finalizing pick-up locations in Lower Merion, including one in Bryn Mawr. We hope you'll give it a try!

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