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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Treats!

Andy B has been a busy baker this week - take a look at the clever list below of Halloween treats he's baked for tomorrow's market day. Hope to see you and a bit of sunshine this Saturday!

Vampire Pie
Blood-red raspberries and cranberries mixed at midnight with a BITE of lemon and ginger
laying on a layer of lemon curd - all in a dark chocolate crust. Darkly delicious, this tart
will satisfy the most intense cravings when the sun goes down.

Funeral Pie
An authentic Amish pie made for funerals using raisins because they were available year
round. This version is made with raisins soaked in Kirsch with dried cherries and walnuts.
Like a mincemeat pie, but with a brighter and fruitier flavor. One piece of this pie and
you can surely RIP.

Mummy's Tomb Tart
From an ancient recipe found on the walls of a tomb in Egypt - well, no, not really. Apples
and cherries sit on a layer of hazelnut cream cheese and then are wrapped in strips of
cream cheese crust. The tart is brushed with a lemon glaze. This is great for breakfast
as well as a dessert, but unlike its namesake, it will not last forever.

Pumpkin Patch Pie
From a recipe given to me by The Great Pumpkin himself, this is a rich and not-so-classic
custard pie with a light cream and pumpkin base flavored with cinnamon, ginger and
nutmeg in our signature flaky pie crust. It is traditional to have a piece of this pie
sitting in a pumpkin patch at midnight waiting for The Great Pumpkin. I hope you
see him!

Caramel Apple Pie
What is more traditional at Halloween than a trip to the Carnival and a ride through the
Fun House eating a caramel apple? Well, we capture this flavor in a pie. Tart, crisp
apples are contrasted with chunks of sweet creamy caramel in a flaky pie crust. The
top is sprinkled with a streusel of butter, flour, brown sugar and salted peanuts. The
overall effect is just like the real thing - delicious.

Red Grape Tart
Red grapes are slashed in half and sit in almond frangipane flavored with red wine on
a lemon pasta frolla crust. The tart is sprinkled with sliced almonds and drizzled with
red wine caramel. This should ward off any ghosts or goblins unless you want to ask
them to join you in a slice!

Maple Cream Hand Pies
There is nothing creepy here - just the most delicious maple custard that you have ever
tasted. We use Grade B maple syrup, more intense and smoky than regular table grade,
to flavor this custard and use a shortbread cookie-like crust. This has all the flavor of
autumn in a few bites.

Pumpkin Patch Hand Pies
An individual size of pumpkin pie, this is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and will
satisfy that craving when you want "just a little pie". It also keeps well in a knap sack
at midnight in the pumpkin patch or cemetery.

AAAaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggggggg!!!! It's HERE!!! WHAT IS IT?????????????
Bittersweet, semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate chips with a wince of fresh
cranberries and mellow cocoanut in a lump of a cookie. Be careful, this one creeps
up on you when you least expect it.

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